The Kutriguri has one tribe at present (The Ugain). It is intent on creating other tribes in different locations of the country removed from the main one, all under the authority of Khan. If you wish on creating a tribe, talk with the leadership about starting your own, and show self-sufficiency to recruit, get your own weapons, and clothing. Have your own spars running and get to local battles. Once you do, at the next National Event, you will be granted authority by Khan as a Kopan (chief).


The Ugain are located in the Greater Washington D.C./Baltimore area, were founded in 1989. The Ugain fight under the leadership of Khan Zamrach. Their present spars are in Frederick, MD.

Outside the Washington DC/Baltimore area, there are individual Kutriguri in PA., MI., NJ., and NY., so ask or contact about hooking up with these folks or if you’d like to join us, but not start up a tribe, that’s fine too. We’ll work with you.