Seven Sacred Paths of the Kutriguri

 There are seven sacred paths of the Kutriguri which are divided up into combatant and non-combatant paths that people can train along.  Some may choose one path only while others may choose multiple paths to try their hand on.  Together, all paths are seen as equally important since the Bulgars of the Kutriguri value all kinds of skill.

Path (Cheti)




































Description of Path


Diplomat and Recruiter

Organizer and Caregiver

Warriors and Defenders

Musician, Bards, and Poets

Spiritual leaders of Oguz

Scholars and Historians

Smiths, Artisans, Engineers

Badge of excellence


Hand of the Kutriguri (Shar)

Hand of the Kutriguri (San)

Fist of the Kutriguri (Bya)

Hand of the Kutriguri (Hya)

Hand of the Kutriguri (Uo)

Hand of the Kutriguri (Khe)

Hand of the Kutriguri (Non)


Ala Shar

Hand of the Kutriguri   


 Ala San

Hand of the Kutriguri   


Goptal Bya  

Fist of the


Ala Hya

Hand of the Kutriguri


Ala Uo   

Hand of the Kutriguri  


Ala Khe

Hand of the Kutriguri


  Ala Non    

  Hand of the Kutriguri


These chetiar (paths) all have four circles of mastery that shall be learned, Tesigan, Vatragan, Isi, and Isi Aki as well as three outside of them. Below all of these are the circle of the Pelterenar (those making to know) who are brand new brothers and sisters in the Oguz. Above all of these are the Kavkhan and the Khan (their own individual circles of command). To complete or go up in rank, a Kutrigur must satisfy the requisites for that path. It is encouraged for Kutriguri to try out several paths simultaneously. A Kutrigur shall wear a sash of the highest rank that they have attained of any path that they are on. Badges of rank are sewn on the caftan’s right arm upper sleave, while Badges of Excellence shall be sewn on the sash of their highest rank. It should be noted too, that only one path can gain access to becoming a potential Kavkhan or Khan, and that is the Cheti Chigot (The Path of the Warrior). The Khan and the Kavkhan were military leaders and so it shall be in our time as well.

Circle / Sash


Initiate - Petitioner to the tribe

Sash = Black, unfinished (emptiness)



1st – Spirit of the Chalice

Sash = Black (womb)


2nd – Spirit of the Fire

Sash = Grey (ash)



3rd – Master

Sash = Burgundy (blood)



4th – Leading Master  

Sash = Gold (Mastery)  




5th – Khan  

Sash = White (Heaven )





: One who is making to know.  This is a beginning person who is trying to learn the ways of the Kutriguri.  A Pelterene is identified by a black sash and should attempt to get their Bulgar clothing (shirt, pants, caftan, and boots) before coming to an event such as a battle or campout.


Tesigan: One who is filled with the Spirit of the Chalice (the Water and Earth).  For all, be sure to have all your Bulgar clothing and come to a major event to become Initiated.  In addition you must fulfill the following for your given paths.

Requirement for Cheti Saməchii: Help recruit another member into the Kutriguri and do a small project/work to promote the Kutriguri to the outside public.
Requirement for Cheti Iovok: Help support the Kutrigui battles, events, or campsites in some significant manner (ex. Bring water for all to drink, cook a dish, etc.).
Requirement for Cheti Chigot: Have a main combo of weapons (ex. Spear and sword), and be proficient at what you using by coming to spars and battles.
Requirement for Cheti Dzera: Perform at one function with an instrument or your voice (ex. Singing, stories, or poetry).
Requirement for Cheti Koloboor: Go through all necessary lessons as provided by your teacher and perform a private Koloboor ceremony taught to you.
Requirement for Cheti Kalgar: Read up on Bulgar history before 865AD, using two sources and demonstrate what you have learned to your teacher.
Requirement for Cheti Chukchii: Create one piece of equipment or clothing from start to finish that is acceptable by your teacher.

Vatragan: One who is filled with the Fire. (Fire and Air).  Requirement for all members: Serve 2 years as a Kutrigur from the time you are a Tesigan.  Perform basic physical fitness tests, create your Vatragan Sash (Gray Sash) and go through a Vatragan Ordeal appropriate for your path (approved by Khan).

Requirement for Cheti Saməchii: Help recruit on a broader level outside the Kutriguri. Do a major effort diplomatically to further Bulgar causes.
Requirement for Cheti Iovok: Help support the Kutriguri completely in one aspect (ex. Run the cooking at events and teach a student).
Requirement for Cheti Chigot: Put on Warriors Plates onto caftan. Demonstrate proficiency with 80% of our weapons techniques (in two forms).
Requirement for Cheti Dzera: Teach another tribe member to play an instrument and have them perform for the tribe.
Requirement for Cheti Koloboor: Learn and perform how to do two different Koloboor ceremonies.
Requirement for Cheti Kalgar: Research and publish a topic of Kutriguri history with citations. Know all our Kutriguri Laws.
Requirement for Cheti Chukchii: Create equipment or clothing for other Kutriguri on a larger scale (that are acceptable by other Chukchiiar…ex. Many types of weapons, many types of Bulgar clothing, etc.).


Isi: Master. Each master has unique Badge. Complete mastery of your discipline.   
Requirement: Serve 5 years as a Kutrigur from the time you are a Tesigan.  The Isiar (Masters) wear Burgundy sashes.


Saməchii: Continue to recruit as well as diplomatic efforts outside the tribes.
Iovok: Run a major aspect of the Kutriguri (examples are the website, logistics for events, training cooks & mastery of Bulgar cooking).
Bagain: Know all weapons forms (90% or above), know our tactics (90% or above), and lead our warriors in a battle.
Dzera : Organize and lead multiple Kutriguri along the Cheti Dzera.
Koloboor: Learn and practice all Kutrigur rituals as judged by Isi Aki Koloboor.
Kalgar: Research and publish multiple historical documents.
Chukchii: Serve as a leader for multiple Chukchiiar to follow along that craft.

Isi Aki: The Leading Master or 'Master Above' wears the Skull and Laurel that signifies he/she is extremely knowledgeable in their path.

Requirement: Become leader of your path as recognized by Khan. Below are the current Isi Akiar (Leading Masters)
Sampsis: Zamrach
Isi Aki Iovok: None.
Isi Aki Bagain: Kublan
Isi Aki Dzera : None
Isi Aki Koloboor : Zamrach
Isi Aki Kalgar: Zamrach
Isi Aki Chukchii: None



Khan: Skull and Laurel: The earth goddess Senmerv spread seeds from the tree of life to help things grow.

Requirement: Be judged by tribal elders to lead the Kutriguri + you must undergo a grand ordeal of ritualistic burial from dusk until dawn. You must be along the path of Cheti Chigot at Bagain rank or above.


 On the Field of Battle, the chain of command shall be:

Khan: The hand of Tangra on Earth.

Kavkhan: The Kavkhan is the appointed right hand of the Khan (Vice-Khan) who serves the tribe in the absence of the Khan.

Isi Aki Bagain: This is the leading master of the Bagainar.

Bagain: This is a Bulgar officer who commands the warriors.

Vatragan: One who is filled with the Spirit of the Fire

Tesigan: One who is filled with the Spirit of the Chalice

Pelterene: One is making to know. A very early beginning warrior.

Boylar: The Boylar are the appointed counsel to the Khan. By tradition, this includes all ranks of Bagain and above. Among the Boylar, the Hierarchy of Leadership is equal. The opinion of the Boylar informs the Khan who shall render all decisions.