About the Kutriguri

The Kutriguri have people in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and are expanding outward. All of us fight as one at Ragnarok, the largest annual Dagorhir fighting event which is a foam weapon based sport. Oguz Kutriguri has members who participate in their own local battles/spars, and meet with the rest of the tribes at national competitions. In addition to foam weapon fighting (the main focus of our organization), there is on occasion rattan stick fighting (SCA), horseback riding, and archery for those that wish it. Outside of fighting, characterization is welcomed at battles and spars. Spars are in street clothes, whereas battles are conducted in historical Bulgar clothing typical for the early 9th century AD. There are also non-combatants inside Oguz Kutriguri and these individuals are welcomed that help with clothing, gear/Bulgar crafts (armor, weapons, wood working, artistic work of all sorts), historical research, engineering and music.